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60{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF 7.5mm NOHU WETSUITS
60{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF 5mm and 7mm SNYPERS OPEN CELL
60{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF ALL POOL TRAINING WETSUITS
60{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF ALL FREEDIVING TRAINING WETSUITS

55{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF KELP STALKER 7.0mm WETSUITS

40{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF NOHU, THAZARD, KELPSTALKERS, SNYPERS, CARBONE RED WETSUITS ALL THICKNESSES
40{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF ALL APPAREL
40{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF ALL RASHGUARDS, JAMMERS, HOODS, AND VESTS
40{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF ALL ALL SOCKS AND GLOVES
40{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF ALL ACCESSORIES
40{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF NOHU WETSUITS ALL THICKNESSES

20{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF CARBONE DARK TACTICAL (all thicknesses)
20{a4e456dddf3c11c12e53b0bb6fc3f088fbb877aa622d673829d60b8350dfaf94} OFF HAMOUR TiO2 suits (all thicknesses)

Free t-shirt and stickers with every order – Colors may vary – First come first serve – limited stock on hand – Please specify size tee in comments during checkout

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Again our Pre-Black Friday sale is ONLY for Pro VIP members!


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3 Days only! Starts 12pst AM
November 20th, 21st, & 22nd!!


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